welcome to my OFFICIAL WEBSITE. i hope you enjoy your stay and perhaps find one or the other seriously funny / funnily serious bits to chew on / be inspired by.

to get in touch you can email me on hello@reinhardschleining.com. otherwise feel free to leave your comments anywhere on the site …

i’ve also left further trails on facebook (leave a quick not that you’re coming from website) and paganfriends (i’m ‘reinhard’ there) recently for anyone interested to look at my work / contribution from different angles and to avoid google algorythm / machine biased ‘content’ …

much love,

reinhard schleining
london, july 2006 – july 2014

ps: to find out more about where i’m coming from check out my SHORT BIO and ARTIST STATEMENT

all content © 2004 – 2014, all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “ABOUT___

  1. I was fortunate to receive one of the 500 limited signed draft copies of “the language of growth” which is ultra inspiring, and refreshing to know that you are with us, on this plane, in this time space sequence

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