so here are the new drawings that i’ve been promising people for a while – the series of nudes dedicated to gustav klimt’s 150th birthday. in terms of content and style they’re very much representative of what i’m now doing in my visual work. in terms of the larger and deeper reverbrations they’re probably some sort of seed spread to achieve some sort of insight. they actually felt like coming  to life while i’d carve them out of the paper. ah – and they’re not ‘good’ and ‘bad’, for sure. whether goddess or demoness, they’re both a deity. particularly in this case, they’re all sweet and i guess rooted into the ‘law’, if only metaphorically :)

as to the packaging and presentation, i herewith grant license to download and print them in the below form of publication. i also use them this way as promotional stickers on the street etc in a nicely laminated piece to peel off and collect or re-stick. what i’ve tried to do with the coloured corner tag is to turn the table on purchasing and pricing policies / strategies / habits and raise two questions at once:

how much would we freely pay for an item like this, for content, craftmanship, artistic value, cultural impact, gnostic wisdom, impact of subject matter –  and last not least, as a future / investment / option?


how much is really ‘needed’ for us to buy into anything that we desire to obtain / possess – a car, a travel card, a pint of bitter, gas, ice cream,  the internet – up to an apartment, country, sex, husband or wife?

there is of course also the issue on the spiritual level: how can one possibly ever pay for truth and true knowledge and true values or in other words anything coming form the depth of the heart … anyway,  you get the idea.

to put money where the mouth is i’ve set up a paypal interface here

>>> + <<<

if you’re happy to look and click, then have fun, rejoice and enjoy!

i’m back to finishing those three novels now …

london, july 2012


this particular piece of work came about while putting together promotional stickers for my books. although those stickers have meanwhile been doing a good job unlocking people’s awareness about the real extent of deception executed by the so-called ‘media’, there still seemed to be a big gap between levels that makes my work beyond comprehension for most. the series of 12 poems tries to tackle this problem. interspersed with the visual snippets as a reading aid and tonal backdrop, they can be decoded on each individual’s own terms, according to their level of knowledge and their desire to ‘see’.

you can find a more detailed rationale >>> here <<<.

please feel free to download and distribute them at your convenience. i’ll also be using some to bolster my present marketing campaign of both writing and art related products. hope you enjoy :)

ps: now also viewable as a VIDEO


update: virginizer finally out. will be doing a new run of card ads. this time, front- and backside, showing and telling, in sync with recent draft developments. also found PINK tack. yeah. adding some fun here :)

london, winter 2013

while i’ve been consistently re-inventing not so much the CRAFT but rather the TRADE of both writing and the visual arts, in an attempt to strengthen my footing (and anyone’s alongside and after me) against the inevitable downward swirl of the thoroughly deceived / deceiving mainstream (deception within deception, plans within plans), i’ve come to recently experiment with viral marketing in the public realm. starting off with blue-tacking pretty cards on empty walls or other (how i’d like to call them) ‘fleeting environmental spaces’, the idea was to combine basic temporary visibility with no-damage-causing means whilst also presenting the opportunity to any actively affiliating bypasser to pluck a couple of sparse diamond leaves from otherwise either empty or shat-on random city trees. this proved satisfactory but rather tedious, a bit clumsy and what one would call a waste of precious resources. too many soldiers lost their lives unneccessarily, unseen and often without even being engaged in any battles :)

so i’m really pleased to have added phase II to this undertaking which i felt was important enough (or at least significant enough) to deserve a blog entry. please find the following stickers to download, distribute or simply acknowledge. they’ll otherwise be scattered on lamp posts, street corners and the back of road signs whenever i’ve come around an area near you …



so the ASTROLOGY BOOK finally did happen. that’s always how it goes, isn’t it, the bigger  and more ambitious the project, the more adversities pile up attempting to make it falter. but it came through the other day, eventually, and it does look fantastic, i’m well pleased.

i’d like to leave some brief words for the record on this occasion: this project brings to a closure the study of the whole esoteric tradition (aka mysticism) and the human emotional workings (aka psychology) that i’ve been involved with since i was a child. in hindsight, i find it rather strange but back then i just started to read up everything i could get hold of about the world of magic and mystery and the insanely intricate workings of the human psyche – i’d say, ever since about the age of 12. leaving aside gaps during more engaging ‘live involvements’ with people (relationships in other words), this quest for knowledge and understanding has usurped my conscience throughout most of what i’ve been doing. ‘truth’ was simply too fascinating and life thus too serious to possibly miss the whole point.

as i confidently say in my pitch on the back, this book, in the process of unfoldment for more than ten years, finally contains the entire wealth of the western tradition right at your fingertips.

hope you cherish and enjoy  :)

london, autumn 2011


finally new work again. feels great. as i’ve been saying to my friends that ever since finishing the astrology book, i feel like starting my whole life anew. part of this is redefining my stance to art and illustration. somehow the ultimate test and opportunity came along through an inspiring ‘call for entry’ by STERZ, an austrian literature magazine …

we have my ‘old’ style handing over to my ‘new’ style here in this surreal double-spread clash of filmic imagery. colours are not longer needed, at least for the time being. the ink layer and tracing paper (which always reminded me of condoms for some mad reason) are now gone as well, freeing up more time and thus lessening my karmic burden, i guess. what’s left is a more thorough and sensual treatment of lines into the actual matter of paper.

as to the story, i originally had the idea of contrasting an unredeemably depraved babylon with a ‘golden city of jerusalem’ from scriptures. and then there was the association with a woman being like a city, in a way (again we have babylon there and also frank miller/ willl eisner’s ‘spirit’ which also references such gnostic metaphors). it all went from there. hope you like and feel inspired. there’s plenty to look at and to discover for those who are looking and able to see :)

london, autumn 2011


the matrix booklet is now also available for portable readers on amazon. very exciting. i’ve never found myself having come up with a product that would’ve caused such defense mechanisms in people. but i just love the cute little thing and very much enjoyed re-editing over its details.

looking at it with a bit of the distance that comes with time (i started working on it back in 2004), the underlying content is, i suppose, fairly devastating to all those living in complete denial. as my poet friend paul said the other day, “all the ugliness and ignorance in this world can be brought down to child abuse, really. everything else are just the glittering sparkles on the surface of a lake.”

*   *   *

it’s £ 1 £/ $/ € (plus vat, strangely enough for ebooks!) depending on where you live. i’ve also used this opportunity to experiment a bit with pricing policies. generally i feel that books shall keep their value, preferrably increase them (they do, as abebooks and some of the specialised vintage market-stalls run by true ‘gnostics’ prove). the tendency to inflate them with ridiculous print runs and distribution and marketing frenzies obviously can’t do justice to the true value of knowledge and wisdom. with ebooks, the situation changes only insofar as there are no print and dsitribution costs but the value of information still stays the same. so to stay about 20 – 50 % below the hardcopy sales price makes a lot of sense to me.

on the other hand, some products are just special and perhaps can be easily priced rather metaphorically in such an electronic environment. that’s why i’ve chosen the 1 ‘unit’ option for now. let’s see …


london, 31st may 2011


so i’ve finally found my way into the domain of ebooks. took me a while, i guess, but it just happened as it happened. started to talk to a friend about working together on some mobile apps and on the way also got the hang of the potential to cirumvent the awkward power of distribution. amazon was then pulling me in all the way through their charming and visionary kindle author features. with one mouse-click and zero hassle (if you know how to operate on the most basic html code), they catapult you from the more-or-less futile (in its best way ‘symbolic’) effort to compete against the corporate gods by placing particles of ‘insignificant’ hardcopies into the lower shelves of the few truly independent book-outlets left in town – to be overnight visible in two of the major global markets at-once, the us and the uk. it all gave me a lot of hope for the otherwise bleak future of freedom-of-thought and freedom-of-speech. somehow i feel, that in this way, ‘knowledge’ could be saving itself onto a new (even paradisical ?) island which might as well be termed web 3.0 in the near future … ?

here we go then, with a new, more behind-the-scenes description of those two ‘mountains’ :)

SYSTEMICS is a neat collection of non-fiction. in fact, it contains all the work i’ve done in this field and in all likelihood all that i will ever do. why this is so, is explained through the peculiar time-reversed structure of the book. although the subject-matters are culture, society, beliefs and psychology (and while stylisically it is laid-out along the lines of humorous, polemic pop-journalism) the sub-context of the book is outright philosophical, based on aristotelian notions of common sense and bridging, over the vast, black pool of conspiracy, spirituality, psychology and human predicament, into eastern ideas of the dao. i guess, the more someone has already looked into the ‘truth’ about ‘us’ (which is, this time and age, possible for the first time, i’d say) the more ‘fun’ they will have reading despite all the seriousness …

the same is also true with LOVE ETC, only that it requires prior knowledge that has more specifically to do with psychology and the whole mystery of the battle-of-the-sexes in order to unfold its innate, often hysterical, humour. this book is purely fiction (which, as you meanwhile know, is indeed the main focus of my work) and contains six short-stories with a theatre-play at the core. though each piece is ambitiously crafted in terms of technique (an entirely different tone-of-voice and thus style carrying forward each narrative), the book itself is primarily an exercise in a perhaps more kafkaesque tradition, that is – to convey certain unspeakable ‘truths’ about our human nature through purpusefully customised fictional tales …


london, 30th march 2011
© 2011, all rights reserved


after having been working on and off for the past 3 years on this, i’ve managed to finish the second series of 52 episodes. the drawing and colouring bit was quite a lot of work (graphic novel, grrr) – but in the end, a seriously beautiful book came into being —> STILL LIFE <— containing both the first and the second series (making it therefore quite a ‘large’ compendium, arching over 10 of my years in total) …

—> from ocober 2010 also running at ELECTROCOMICS

here are a few sample strips of the new series. hope you enjoy =)


reinhard schleining
© 2007 – 2010, all rights reserved


the first draft of the script i’ve been working on for almost a year is now finished!

for any professional enquiries please contact the movie producer (and initiator of the project :), john richardson, on john.richardson@fsmail.net.



This is the story of MARTIN, a disturbed and withdrawn thirteen-year-old boy, who in the midst of a severely malfunctioning environment is coming to use his prodigious skills at Nanotechnology to spread mayhem and disaster around him. As his increasingly destructive inventions grow in scale and power, government ploys of even vaster significance spring up almost simultaneously, putting his childish ventures in catastrophe into the broader context of anyway looming global deterioration of values and meaning. A world of lies and deceit falls entirely apart as the detrimental danger of Nanotechnology displays its true face to everyone.

Played out as a morally unbiased mixture between dark comedy and classical disaster movie we witness each character’s tragic trajectories towards failure. We’re being gripped by the increased urgency to bring to a halt complete world destruction – when in a surprising twist NANOBOY suddenly enlightens in a beatific paraphrase of Buddhahood. His final, most devilish concoct of a Nanovirus, meant to be rendering everyone into an identical copy of himself, turns out to be the literal and metaphorical ‘seed of salvation’. NANOBOY’s suffering and ultimately innocent journeying of Truth enables Mankind to be truly set free and ascend.

reinhard schleining
london, june 2009 – january 2010


following are the beginning of the script until the end of the opening credits. enjoy!


MARTIN, a cute but withdrawn boy – NANOBOY – sits crouched at a damp tree trunk in the woods, shivering from cold and fear. The MOON is full and tinting the SCENE in a SILVERY LIGHT.

A horde of WOLVES surrounds MARTIN, growling and howling. ONE of them approaches him fiercely, snout snapping, saliva dripping.

MARTIN tightly embraces his legs and bends his head down on his knees as the WOLF closes in on him with grinding, bared teeth.



MARTIN wakes up from a nightmare, bathed in sweat. His hair is a mess and he is shaking uncontrollably.

His room is a stereotypical cliché of any nerd’s surroundings. Collectibles and merchandise are scattered everywhere.

MARTIN is still shivering as he almost sleepwalks towards his Pokemoney-branded laptop. He opens the lid.

With the ease of an accomplished pianist NANOBOY concocts something on an application. We cannot quite follow what kind of programme he uses but we see three-dimensional objects reminiscent of Origamis. He spins them about and alters them, while a window to the right of the screen keeps updating a picture, too quick for us to make out what it shows.

As soon as he finishes the screen renders the final image: it is a WOLF, not unlike those we saw in the dream earlier.

MARTIN presses the ‘print’ button.


A page of indiscernible formulas is spewn out into a print tray.


MARTIN closes the laptop and goes back to sleep. He is visibly relieved of a great burden.



We are in a class of about 15 – 20 people. MARTIN, the NANOBOY, sits amongst them, withdrawn in his own world and not paying attention to what their teacher, MS FABIAN, rattles on about.

Some of the PUPILS listen, others fool around cunningly.

… so when Napoleon took his army on Russian soil, he didn’t really know what he was doing. He just followed a call, an inner voice telling him “conquer”. And do you know what happened? Jason? Any ideas? What about you, Alice? No? Martin, have you been listening? Any ideas what happened to Napoleon in Russia?

MARTIN hardly shows any reaction when MS FABIAN calls him up. As to the question he has no any idea and in actuality could not care less. He just stares at her, vainly, with a hint of the detest he feels towards his teacher.

Don’t just stare at me. Would you mind sharing some of your insights with the class?

LAUGHTER ripples through the class about the idea that their strange, withdrawn colleague had any capacity for insight.

MARTIN’s expression does not change though. He is not at all intimidated by the obvious attempt of his teacher to push some of his buttons.

No? Very well, then? Anyone else?

A GIRL further back raises her hand.

Yes, Ellie?

They got defeated by nature …

Yes! Thanks, Ellie, that is a very good answer. “They got defeated by nature.” That would seem to apply also for our colleague here …

… aiming at MARTIN.

Again the class bursts out in LAUGHTER. They obviously scapegoat MARTIN for their own creeping insecurities. But again, NANOBOY, at least outwardly, remains his calm, unmoved by the ritual pecking.

When MARTIN’s eye catches ELLIE, the girl who just gave the right answer, he sees that she has also joined the collective ridicule. Only then does he flinch and we get to understand that he obviously likes the girl.



MARTIN arrives at his home from school. There is POLICE and AMBULANCE at his next door neighbour. Lots of PEOPLE gather around, flustered, gesticulating. SOMEONE in uniform lies on the grass, bleeding.

MARTIN walks past without acknowledging any of this – as if he knows all of it anyway. He enters the front door of his parent’s house.

The CAMERA continues to capture footage of the SCENE in a hand-held, multi-angled style. We dive through WITNESSES reporting to note-taking POLICE OFFICERS.

We can hear traces of what they say:

WITNESS 1 (male)
… there was a growl … bitten … the postman …

WITNESS 2 (female)
… such a nice dog … always stroked it …

WITNESS 3 (male)
… blood everywhere … still can’t believe it …

WITNESS 4 (female)
… never be the same … something changed forever …

A jigsaw puzzle of SHOTS paints a shaky pastiche of the SCENE:

MOUTHS gaping open, eager to see more …

RESCUE TEAMS trying to squeeze through with their stretchers …

PEOPLE shouting at each other, panicky gesticulating …

CLOSE UP of a POSTMAN lying on the grass, bleeding heavily …

SIGNAL LIGHTS of police and ambulance …

NANOBOY’s NEIGHBOUR crying on her doorstep and her HUSBAND consoling her with his arm wrapped around her …

Several CU’s of PEOPLE staring both at the scene and into introspective infinity, like news footage from a major collective catastrophe …

The RESCUE TEAM picking up the presumably dead POSTMAN, shoving the stretcher through the crowds back to the van …

… until we finally dive through a series of legs in a LOW CAMERA ANGLE to reach the dead neighbour’s DOG in a CLOSE UP. It has been transformed into one of the WOLVES from NANOBOY’s dream. Its fangs are dripping with bubbly saliva while its head bleeds from several gunshots into the vibrant green of a freshly-mown suburban front-yard.




MARTIN has crashed on the couch watching daytime television. He nibbles on some crisps and a peanut butter sandwich with dried tomatoes. Every now and again he sips from a can of fizzy energy drink branded ‘Guaragantuan’.

During the TITLES we get to see what he is watching:

It is a PROGRAMME featuring mud-wrestling AMPUTEES. There are several SHOTS of them as they grapple and slide off each other.

They are INTER-CUT with the show’s host KEVIN, a somewhat tacky, jeans-clad nice-guy who explains with subtle tongue-in-cheek humour who is doing what to whom. Who is leading and who is about to lose.


The TV programme is CUT TO judges holding up numbers. The judges represent a variety of the populace – from serious guys in suits to teenage cheerleaders to Kurdish kebab shop owners to black female religious fanatics to Chinese Mafia.

CUT TO a prettyish woman, although perhaps not the brightest, sitting in a Disneyesque, pseudo-gothic golden throne near the wrestlers. The throne is covered with a plethora of company logos. She is identified via subcaptions as ‘Miss Nebraska’ and a date with her is the main trophy for the winner of the game.

CUT TO applauding STUDIO AUDIENCE. Like the jury the audience is made up of people from a huge variety of angles – even intellectuals, seen to be watching the event with a mixture of awe and reverence.

Every now and again: CUT TO SCENE 5 – NANOBOY eating and drinking but not necessarily following what is happening on the screen.

CUT TO the show host KEVIN again, excitedly announcing the winner of a round, before we see more SHOTS of the mud fight.

CLOSE UPS of JURY, AUDIENCE, FIGHTERS, TROPHY – as well as every so often SHOTS of a fizzy ENERGY DRINK, the same one MARTIN is drinking.

As soon as the TITLES are finished, the PHONE in the living room starts to ring.