Yo – back to basics again. Continuous sabotaging of my ‘free’ server backed attempts of ‘independence’ (turning out to be all the same ‘mafia’ under different names and identities) led to harking back to my original wp presence. WP app changed original tech race push out.

The stage of developments: Can’t bother with much web fiddlings these days. Only necessities. Here’s a quick update.

– Books now available as print versions on Amazon (Anyone Wisened Up should see through hype and slander instilled through mindless masses by the ‘powers’).

draft magazine available on Amazon. While London’s so-called ‘poetry library’ made it into Issue 004 – Survival (which then got ‘stolen’) before halting their ‘support’, amazon halted it at Issue 003 – Maintenance, which says a lot. The rejection came with Red Alert and threat of account closure. You’ll therefore still have to go through the mobile phone contact mentioned in the downloads from in order to obtain this (perhaps only?) pathway out of the ‘old force web’. our next issue (Issue 007 – Pseudo Reality) will demonstrate the conjuring up of what people take to be ‘real’. While the YouTube scene is full of this stuff (Flat Earth, Masons, Saturn / Demiurge / Saturn, New World Order, etc), no one talks about these things from a cultivation perspective and it’s really hard to get a picture that is truly righteous and ‘sober’.

– I made a twitter account for reinhardschleining and draftmagazine (dubbed clownfactory). link and check if you like.

– Reactivated facebook but can’ be bothered to update or check. Deinstalling the sniffer app from tablet as well.

– Am most active on eBay (reinhard_schleining) with my numismatic project. Those following know that such path had been given to me a while ago. Since money is the only bottom line left to us ‘mortals’ now, it’s probably interesting to see how an artist and writer approaches such matters. Should one or the other bargain draws your attention and tickles your fancy, you’re very welcome to establish karmic ties through a purchase.

– And lastly, I’m cultivating diligently (Falun Gong exercises and Dafa Law Wheel discernment) while during any spare time practicing my shading and black and white rendering skills with the tip of the brush, as they used to say. I’m hoping to very soon show my painting skills with the same confidence that I used to show my drawing skills with.

And that is that. Let’s see what I’ll keep you updated with here. Since I’m running a strict anti-vanity policy, I won’t post ‘from the bus’ (as the tagline of the new wp app clamours). Instead, I’ll attempt to rationally keep you updated in such a way that I feel gives you a fair chance to find a loophole through the closing net of persecution and deception.

Vienna and London, Autumn 2017


update: virginizer finally out. will be doing a new run of card ads. this time, front- and backside, showing and telling, in sync with recent draft developments. also found PINK tack. yeah. adding some fun here :)

london, winter 2013

while i’ve been consistently re-inventing not so much the CRAFT but rather the TRADE of both writing and the visual arts, in an attempt to strengthen my footing (and anyone’s alongside and after me) against the inevitable downward swirl of the thoroughly deceived / deceiving mainstream (deception within deception, plans within plans), i’ve come to recently experiment with viral marketing in the public realm. starting off with blue-tacking pretty cards on empty walls or other (how i’d like to call them) ‘fleeting environmental spaces’, the idea was to combine basic temporary visibility with no-damage-causing means whilst also presenting the opportunity to any actively affiliating bypasser to pluck a couple of sparse diamond leaves from otherwise either empty or shat-on random city trees. this proved satisfactory but rather tedious, a bit clumsy and what one would call a waste of precious resources. too many soldiers lost their lives unneccessarily, unseen and often without even being engaged in any battles :)

so i’m really pleased to have added phase II to this undertaking which i felt was important enough (or at least significant enough) to deserve a blog entry. please find the following stickers to download, distribute or simply acknowledge. they’ll otherwise be scattered on lamp posts, street corners and the back of road signs whenever i’ve come around an area near you …



so i’ve finally found my way into the domain of ebooks. took me a while, i guess, but it just happened as it happened. started to talk to a friend about working together on some mobile apps and on the way also got the hang of the potential to cirumvent the awkward power of distribution. amazon was then pulling me in all the way through their charming and visionary kindle author features. with one mouse-click and zero hassle (if you know how to operate on the most basic html code), they catapult you from the more-or-less futile (in its best way ‘symbolic’) effort to compete against the corporate gods by placing particles of ‘insignificant’ hardcopies into the lower shelves of the few truly independent book-outlets left in town – to be overnight visible in two of the major global markets at-once, the us and the uk. it all gave me a lot of hope for the otherwise bleak future of freedom-of-thought and freedom-of-speech. somehow i feel, that in this way, ‘knowledge’ could be saving itself onto a new (even paradisical ?) island which might as well be termed web 3.0 in the near future … ?

here we go then, with a new, more behind-the-scenes description of those two ‘mountains’ :)

SYSTEMICS is a neat collection of non-fiction. in fact, it contains all the work i’ve done in this field and in all likelihood all that i will ever do. why this is so, is explained through the peculiar time-reversed structure of the book. although the subject-matters are culture, society, beliefs and psychology (and while stylisically it is laid-out along the lines of humorous, polemic pop-journalism) the sub-context of the book is outright philosophical, based on aristotelian notions of common sense and bridging, over the vast, black pool of conspiracy, spirituality, psychology and human predicament, into eastern ideas of the dao. i guess, the more someone has already looked into the ‘truth’ about ‘us’ (which is, this time and age, possible for the first time, i’d say) the more ‘fun’ they will have reading despite all the seriousness …

the same is also true with LOVE ETC, only that it requires prior knowledge that has more specifically to do with psychology and the whole mystery of the battle-of-the-sexes in order to unfold its innate, often hysterical, humour. this book is purely fiction (which, as you meanwhile know, is indeed the main focus of my work) and contains six short-stories with a theatre-play at the core. though each piece is ambitiously crafted in terms of technique (an entirely different tone-of-voice and thus style carrying forward each narrative), the book itself is primarily an exercise in a perhaps more kafkaesque tradition, that is – to convey certain unspeakable ‘truths’ about our human nature through purpusefully customised fictional tales …


london, 30th march 2011
© 2011, all rights reserved

about what i do

When I try to summarize what I’m doing then I feel that I’m producing some kind of ‘cultural-spiritual code’ with my work which I’m spelling out to be read and understood by as many people from as many backgrounds as possible. While Words are my starting point and ultimately main focus, I do like to indulge in the freedom to float seamlessly between both cornerstones of my work: Writing & Drawing. Doing this, embedding Gnosis / Knowledge into Images and Words (Gnosticism), means passing on Encoded Wisdom to be decoded by fellow seekers of Beauty and Truth – according to their  own level of Understanding and Attainment.

In an attempt to pinpoint what subject matter interests me then I think I’d have to say it’s  mostly about People and Reality. Following an inherent quest for Truth and Love, I’ve been to a great deal looking at the world through the lens of Humanistic Psychology and Psychological Astrology. More recently, this lens has eventually zeroed in to be the Great Law of the Cosmos (or Dafa in Chinese), a law encompassing both the Dao and the Buddha School. It is thus, that Cultivation has proven itself to be the true basis of whatever I do – and have been doing all along – and that therefore the Unfathomable and Supernatural, rather than the Tangible and Explicable, is more often than not providing the answers that I’ve been looking for.

In any of my work, I want to delve deep into both the Beauty and Mystery of Human Life and Human Experience and come back to the surface with the Trophies of what I’ve seen and still can see – the Stories, the Images – but at the same time I’m also extremely fascinated by the Darker Side of our Reality and – albeit even scarier – of Ultimate Reality. The behind-the-scene workings of Fate and Destiny, the ‘political’ aspects and psycho-mechanics of human relationships, the intricate power games between men and men, women and women and – on the highest, most subtle and most mysterious level – between women and men. And the ultimate pointlessness of our human suffering and the ludicrous ‘struggle’ for relevance which continue to tear apart our hearts and our planet – essentially just perpetuating the so-called psychological ‘Cycle of Abuse’.

But also Humour is quite an important element of my work.


Li Hongzhi, Hans Kueng, Rabbi Hillel, David Bohm, Eric Berne, Robert Graves, Douglas Reed, Jonathan Franzen, Bret Easton Ellis, Julia Davis, Charles Bukowski, Pauline Reage, Michel Houellebecq, Vladimir Nabokov, Todd Solondz, Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen, Sacha Baron Cohen, Michelangelo Antonioni, Luis Bunuel, Lars von Trier, Ingmar Bergman, Alexandro Jodorowski, Trevor Brown, Stu Mead, Ferocius, Moebius, Robert Crumb, Steve Bell, Geoff Darrow, Gottfried Helnwein, Gustav Klimt, Andy Warhol, Joseph Beuys, Piet Mondrian, Paul Gaugin, Jan Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Francisco de Goya, Leonardo da Vinci, Pieter Breughel, Hieronymus Bosch, Giotto, Medieval Book Illustrations, Egyptian Art, Cave Drawings, Aristotle, Pythagoras, Lao Tzu, Jesus, Shakyamuni, Hermes Trimegistos, (to name only a few) …

reinhard schleining
london, january 2012